Straight to Business

My goal is to provide you with the quickest and most professional experience regarding web hosting. Sure, you can go to the big players like GoDaddy, but you'll be expected to do everything. Additionally, they'll treat you like just another insignificant customer.

Instead, you can contact me to begin a process by which everything is hands off from your perspective. You simply provide some information about your game or project, work with me to establish a domain name, and we can get your materials up and running within minutes.

Either send me a quick email or tweet to me to begin the process.

  1. Choose a domain name. I'll set it up for you.
  2. Choose a service tier below. I'll get it all arranged and link it to the domain name.
  3. Provide me with your marketing materials. We'll work together to lay it all out.
  4. Test the design until you're satisfied. I'll flip the switch to get things running.
  5. Relax as your materials attract an audience. I'll handle the maintenance and support.


  • $0

  • Perfect for testing

  • 1 GB Disk

  • 1 GB RAM



  • $10 - $30 / month

  • Low to medium traffic

  • 10 GB Disk

  • 1.75 GB - 7 GB RAM



  • $30 - $50 / month

  • Medium to high traffic

  • 50 GB Disk

  • 1.75 GB - 7 GB RAM



  • $50 - $70 / month

  • High traffic

  • 250 GB Disk

  • 1.75 GB - 7 GB RAM


Tier Details

Read below for details regarding various hosting options you can choose from. Make sure you take everything into consideration. Price ranges exist so that I can offer a tier of service that fits perfectly for your level of traffic and overall needs. If you have questions, I am willing to assist.

Tier CPU Cores Disk RAM Instances Backups Connections Load balancing Autoscaling Pricing
Free Split 1 GB 1 GB -- No 5 No No $0
Basic 1 to 4 10 GB 1.75 to 7 GB 1 to 3 Yes 350 Yes Limited $10 to $30 per month
Standard 1 to 4 50 GB 1.75 to 7 GB 1 to 10 Yes Unlimited Yes Yes $20 to $50 per month
Premium 1 to 4 250 GB 1.75 to 7 GB 1 to 20 Yes Unlimited Yes Yes $30 to $70 per month