Web hosting for indie game devs

Are you developing an indie video game? Are you interested in eventually selling or distributing your creation? Have you considered the important aspect of marketing? The video game market is increasingly intense. It is critical to your success that you have a solid, well made, and dependable online resource for your customers to access.

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  • $0

  • Perfect for testing

  • 1 GB Disk

  • 1 GB RAM



  • $10 - $30 / month

  • Low to medium traffic

  • 10 GB Disk

  • 1.75 GB - 7 GB RAM



  • $30 - $50 / month

  • Medium to high traffic

  • 50 GB Disk

  • 1.75 GB - 7 GB RAM



  • $50 - $70 / month

  • High traffic

  • 250 GB Disk

  • 1.75 GB - 7 GB RAM


Tier Details

Read below for details regarding various hosting options you can choose from. Make sure you take everything into consideration. Price ranges exist so that I can offer a tier of service that fits perfectly for your level of traffic and overall needs. If you have questions, I am willing to assist.

Tier CPU Cores Disk RAM Instances Backups Connections Load balancing Autoscaling Pricing
Free Split 1 GB 1 GB -- No 5 No No $0
Basic 1 to 4 10 GB 1.75 to 7 GB 1 to 3 Yes 350 Yes Limited $10 to $30 per month
Standard 1 to 4 50 GB 1.75 to 7 GB 1 to 10 Yes Unlimited Yes Yes $20 to $50 per month
Premium 1 to 4 250 GB 1.75 to 7 GB 1 to 20 Yes Unlimited Yes Yes $30 to $70 per month

Services Provided

I'm a huge fan of games, game development, and indie gamers in general. Being a game developer myself, I understand the difficulties faced when trying to get the word out about your project. I'm here to offer my services related to web design, web hosting, and hosting online marketing materials for your game. I'm a member of TIGSource, Steam, and other gaming communities, so I'm strongly familiar with the culture and environment in which games operate.

  • Currently, I am only offering hosting services.
  • I will obtain, setup, and maintain a custom domain name of your choice.
  • I will obtain, setup, and maintain location online for you to host your game marketing materials.
  • I will monitor, manage, and debug any problems with the online hosts.

Contact me and let me know how I can help your project succeed online.